Styles Now in Stock:

14.5"/13G Gold Latex14.5"/13G White Shirt
16"/13G Gold with Latex
16"/14.5G Gold Shirt
16"/14.5G White Shirt
16"/14.5G Gold Strut
18"/13G Gold Shirt
18"/14.5G Gold Shirt
18"/15.6G White Shirt
18" Drapery Hangers with Tubes
20"/13G Gold Knit Hangers 

Poly Garment Bags:

Plain 21 lb:40"60"72"

Hanger Stands:

1/4" Wire, Powder Coated, Accommodates Most Sizes of Industrial Wire Hangers
**All Hangers are 500/case, except Drapery Hangers are packed 250 each**