Synergy Dust Mop:

  • Premium Synthetic Infinity Twist Dust Mop
  • First-patented infinity twist synthetic yard won't fray or unravel
  • Effective for normal industrial use
  • Comes pre-laundered and ready to use
  • Strong Synthetic backing lasts through mop life
  • Mops are available in colors to easily identify assigned usage areas
  • Date coded to monitor product life
  • Dries quickly, freeing up dryers for other tasks
  • Cost effective to maintain - no treatment required
  • Launderable
    • Special Note: Cannot be laundered with standard cotton mops

    5" (12.7cm) Wide
    Set-O-SWIV Quik-Change
    SizeMetric SizeStock #Price/EaStock #Price/EaWt/DzMetric WtCase
    1230 cmAJU12SIT_$12.16AQC12SIT_$11.829 lbs4.1 kg12
    1845 cmAJU18SIT_$15.60AQC18SIT_$15.2212 lbs5.5 kg12
    2461 cmAJU24SIT_$19.72AQC24SIT_$18.5418 lbs8.2 kg12
    3691 cmAJU36SIT_$26.36AQC36SIT_$25.3424 lbs10.9 kg12
    48122 cmAJU48SIT_$33.76AQC48SIT_$31.9830 lbs13.6 kg6
    60153 cmAJU60SIT_$41.96AQC60SIT_$39.6836 lbs16.3 kg6
    72183 cmAJU72SIT_$55.12______________42 lbs19.1 kg6

    Quick-Change Handle:

    1" x 60" (2.5cm x 150cm) Wood
    Stock #Price/EaWt/DzMetric Wt
    HQC160$13.2423 lbs10.4 kg
    HQC160G (Vinyl-Covered Metal)$13.2423 lbs10.4 kg

    1" x 60" (2.5cm x 150cm) Fiberglass
    Stock #Price/EaWt/DzMetric Wt
    HQC160F$18.0622 lbs10 kg
    *All Quick- Change Frames and Handles are Shipped 12 per case*

    Microfiber Cloth:

    • Electromagnetically-charged microfibers attract and hold dust, dirt and grime
    • Microfibers provide superior absorption, making this cloth ideal for cleaning or dusting any surface, wet or dry
    • Perfect for quick dusting jobs
    • Launderable
    • Available in a variety of colors:
      • Blue, Red, Gray, Green, White, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Burgundy, Black, Brown

    SizeMetric SizeStock #Broken CaseFull CaseWt/CaseMetric Wt.
    16 x 1641 cm x 41 cmIMFC16x16Y$2.40 ea.$2.00 ea.15 lbs.6.8 kg

    Synergy Wet Mops:

    The Most Bleach-Resistant Mop

    • Now with 6-ply 100% synthetic yarn, this mildew and bleach-resistant mop has increased strength against deterioration
    • Unique blend provides superior absorbency, reducing labor
    • Date coded to prove long life
    • Looped ends eliminate tangling
    • Double tailbands on Medium, Large, and X-Large sizes provide wide surface span even coverage
    • Headbands and tailbands color-coded for at-a-glance identification
    • Launderable

    5" (12.7 cm) Headband


    Stock #Price/EaWt/DzMetric/WtCase
    SmallASW12_S5$12.449 lbs4.1 kg12

    9" (23 cm) Headband


    Stock #Price/EaWt/DzMetric/WtCase
    MediumASW16_M9$14.0812 lbs5.4 kg12
    LargeASW24_L9$18.3818 lbs8.2 kg12
    X-LargeASW28_XL9$22.5224 lbs10.9 kg6

    Relintless Microfiber Wet Mop:

    • Glides smoothly over rough, abrasive floors
    • Unique microfiber blend picks up the smallest dirt particles for deep cleaning
    • Won't shred or lint on abrasive surfaces
    • Heavy-duty strands stand up to everyday mopping
    • Fantail style provides wide surface span and even coverage
    • Launderable
    • Yarn colors available: Blue, Green, White, Orange

    SizeStock #Price/EaWt/DzMetric WtStock #Price/Ea Case
    MedAWM94M_$11.0213 lbs5.9 kgAWM94M5_$11.5812
    LargeAWM94L_$13.6816 lbs7.3 kgAWM94L5_$14.3612

    Ultra Velcro Microfiber Dust Mop Pad:

    •  Easily dusts and cleans any flat surface
    • Fringe edging picks up more dirt
    • Works with Golden Star's HD Aluminum Hardware
    • Available with your logo

    SizeMetric SizeColorStock #Price/EaWt/DzMetric Wt Case
    5" x 18"12.7cm x 40.6 cmGrayAMM18GCUT$7.481.5 lbs0.7 kg12
    5" x 24"12.7cm x 61cmGrayAMM24GCUT$9.362.5 lbs1.1 kg12
    5" x 36"12.7 x 91.4cmGrayAMM36GCUT$13.624.2 lbs1.9 kg12
    5" x 48"12.7 x 121.9cmGrayAMM48GCUT$18.005.0 lbs2.3 kg12