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United Textile Distribution Garner, NC 27529

Grill Pads
           Size       Color            Case Pack
Baker Pad   9 x 13    Unbleached     6 Dozen

Fender and Seat Covers
 Case Pack
35" x 57'    Cotton                50
35" x 57"   Acrylic Blend       50
35" x 57"   100% Acrylic      50
54" x 60"   Cotton                 50
54" x 60"   Acrylic Blend       50
54" x 60"   100% Acrylic      50
Colors Available: Red, Tan, Blue, Grey

Laundry Bags
 30x40   Nylon- White and Assorted Colors w/Draw Cord
 30x40   Poly-Cotton Blend with Draw Cord
 30x40   Polyester with Rope Cord
 30x40   Fluid Resistant Laundry Bags with HoodOptions:Loop Tops,  
Loops,  Pockets, Elastic Tops, B-LocksNet and Mesh Bags also available
Bag Stands Scissor Style - Case Packed 5 Each
Hanger Stands - Case Packed 10 each

Dandux Carts & Trucks
 Complete Line of all Dandux Products

Healthcare Apparel
  Bath Robes
  Children's Gowns
  Isolation Gowns
  Lab Coats
  Patient Gowns
  Scrub Suits
  Surgeons Gowns
  X-Ray Exam Gowns
 Fashion Seal Distributor

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