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United Textile Distribution Garner, NC 27529

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United Textile is Family-owned and has built its business on bed, bath & table linens, as well as aprons, and dust control items. As our facilities expand, our product selection has also to include hangers, plus many other products. To help assure we have plenty of the right product at the right time, United often partners with customers to customize products and stocking programs. UTD has the flexibility to be a personal stockroom for items regularly purchased. Whether you value the priority treatment of a local supplier or the competitive pricing of a larger one-- you get the best of both world's at United. 
United also maintains a helpful sales & service team that averages 25
years of industry service, and is as close as your telephone. In fact,
many customers have shared how they prefer speaking with our staff
instead of those ever-present voice mail systems. At United, we emphasize doing business in a personal way, and going the extra mile to respond quickly. Your customers expect you to be responsive, and you deserve no less from us. United's market focus has always been on smaller to medium size independent and regional laundries. We identify with each other, because we have so much in common. Our strength is found in experience, flexibility, resourcefulness, and extra effort.We are  able to deliver within 1-2 days to nearly every ITRA member, and we are grateful to have been a supplier to the majority of you. We are especially thankful for the long and loyal relationships we have in ITRA, and count many of you as our closest friends in the industry. Thanks again for the privilege of your business and your friendship.

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